Cantrip Games Double Feature

Cantrip Games are proud to present two  weekends
of Magic the Gathering covering some of the biggest events of this
years gaming calendar.

Pro-Tour Qualifier Philidelphia

Brave the new world of New Phyrexia Standard and fight it out for return flights to Philidelphia, USA
and entry on the Magic Pro-Tour.

Registration from 9am

Start Time 10am

Format Standard (Constructed)        For more information on this format click here Standard

Entry $25 ($20 for 16 and under)

1st Place Prize Return flights and entry to Pro-Tour Philidelphia

2nd Place One Booster box of New Phyrexia

Booster packs for all players


Cantrip Games Commander League
21 & 28/5/2011

Cantrip Games is proud to present the beginning of our Commander (formerly known as EDH) League.  Bring your most broken general and duke it out with the masterminds of multi-player.

Each round you will accumulate points that go towards league ranking.  As well as receiving points for winning each match will feature a range of point conditions you can achieve whether you win or lose the match. 

Cantrip games will be running the Commander League both weekends.  Points will accumulate with each league event (future events to be announced).  As well as booster packs, deck boxes and foils your league points will go towards end of league prizes as well.

Registration     5pm

Start Time     6pm

Format     Commander Constructed (for more details on the rules and the banned list please check here Commander Rules

Entry  $10


Cantrip Games Legacy League 21/5 & 28/5

Cantrip Games is proud to present the first in our Legacy League events.  Get ready to duke it out in the eternal formats the home of broken creatures, quick combo and free spells. 
This is a sanctioned event and each round you will accumulate league points which will get added to in each league event (future events to be announced).  .  As well as booster packs and Legacy foils your league points will go toward prizes at the end of the league.

Registration  5pm

Start Time  6pm

Format    Legacy Constructed (for more details on the rules and the banned list please check here Legacy banned list)

Additional Info

-Jubilee Hall
The Jubilee hall is part of the Parnell Conference Centre and Library.  It can be found in the suburb of Parnell.  For directions to the hall follow this link, Jubilee Hall

-Cards and Sleeves
There will be MTG retailers at the event so cards and card supplies can be purchased on the day.
Cantrip Games will have a limited supply of sleeves available as well.

-Car Parking
There is plentiful off street parking in the area and the adjacent Auckland domain.  There is parking at the Jubilee hall however much of this is unavailable due to the Farmers Market until after 12pm.  Please note that the on-site parking that is available is marked Jubilee Hall.  Parking in other areas may result in you getting towed.

-Food and Drinks
Cantrip Games will be providing a selection of drinks and snack throughout the events.

Payment for all Cantrip Games events must be in cash.  No eftpos is available however there are a number of cash machines within five minutes’ walk in nearby Broadway.

All events are sanctioned and deck lists will be required. We advise to prepare these before the event. Otherwise we will have blank deck list sheets available on the morning of each event.

- Any Questions
Contact me at or on 021 911 211