Grand Prix AucklandFAQ

Grand Prix Auckland FAQ

The Location

Your Auckland Grand Prix will be held at the Aotea Centre in the heart of the Auckland CBD.

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Last Chance Trials

These trials will be kicking off at approximately 10am on the 2/11/12. We will run these as long as we can, however there is a time limit to how long we can be in the Aotea Centre so it is likely that there will be a point in the evening when we will call a halt to running any more.  The formats will be Standard and Sealed (Return to Ravnica). Each event will fire as soon as we hit the required number of players.  For standard events you will need a deck list for each event you play in.  We cannot return your list from a previous trial.  We will have blank deck lists and we are looking into a copying service for lists on the day (there may be a charge involved for this service).  We otherwise recommend you print out deck lists in advance for the trials you play in.

The Main Event

Registration for the event starts on the 2/11/12 from 2pm – 8pm.  If you register on Friday you will pay the early bird fee of $40.  Registration will also be open on the 3/11/12 from 8am – 8:45am and will be $50.

Day one of the main event starts at 9am, 3/11/12 and day two starts at 10am 4/11/12.

For more information on the main event check here Auckland Grand Prix

To play the main event you will need to sign an Indemnity form.  You can get these on the day or from here however if you are under the age of 18 you will need to sign this form which also needs to be signed by a parent or a guardian (please note one of your mates cannot act as a guardian for you).


There will be numerous stores in attendance at the Grand Prix.  They will be retailing card supplies as well as singles stock.  These stores will also be sponsoring various side events for the weekend.



Cantrip Games will be cash-only for this event.  We will not have eftpos or credit card facilities.  There are a number of cash machines available in the Metro Centre just across from the Aotea centre as well as Queen St.


The Aotea centre is minutes from Queen St where there is a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and fast food options.

Public Transport

The Auckland CBD is serviced by buses and trains.  Most head towards to the Britomart transport centre which is a 15-20 minute walk from the Aotea Centre. The “Midtown” destination is a five minute walk from the Aotea Centre.  For more information check the Auckland Transport website or the Maxx website.

Public Events

Cantrip Games are running events all through the weekend.  We will be showcasing a myriad of formats with Standard, Sealed, Draft, Legacy, Vintage, 7-point Highlander, Commander, Duplicate Sealed, Two Headed Giant.  The schedule can be found at  While we have tried to cater to everyone you might find your favourite format missing.  If you do let us know and if we have enough interest we may be able to run it for you!

Each of these formats have banned and restricted lists. For more information on each format please check here Sanctioned Formats

Please note the rules and point list for the 7-Point Highlander format can be found here

(Please note all events are subject to change)



Now hopefully that covers most of your questions.  If we have missed something out you can contact us on 021911211 or at