Grand Prix Auckland
November 2nd-4th

Public Events Schedule
Grand Prix Auckland Public Events Schedule

New**Grand Prix Auckland FAQ**

 All Day - On Demand Events

 We will be running on demand events all day every day for Standard, Draft and Commander.  Get some mates together and we will do our best to run your choice of events with Booster prizes.

Entry Fee Standard $15, Draft $20, Commander $5.


 Friday 2nd  November

 Last Chance Grand Prix Trials - 10am Start

Need 3 byes to ease your way to Day 2?  Here’s your chance!
We’ll be running 32 player Grand Prix Trials on demand, single elimination, RTR Sealed ($40) and Standard Constructed ($20),
Winner receives 3 Byes to Grand Prix Auckland; 2nd place receives 18 boosters of RTR; 3rd & 4th get 9 boosters each.  Last Sealed GPT starts at 5pm. Last Constructed GPT at 6pm.

 Vintage Open – Eternal Championship Part 1  - 5:30pm start

The first leg of the Auckland Eternal championship.  Get your moxes and dual lands together to battle for the Grandad of all Magic formats.  Wins in this event will go toward your standings in the weekends Eternal Championship competition, each event in this series go towards your final placing.

For more information on the Vintage format check here.

Entry Fee $20

The Bad Cave Palmerston North present ‘Promo Card Heaven’ - 6pm start

The Bad Cave want you to relax before the weekend with a little Return to Ravnica draft action, promo cards for all players as well as more promos and booster packs for top finishers.  The Bad Cave will also be giving one lucky participant a ‘DIY Return to Ravnica Draft kit’.  This player will take home an 8-man RTR draft set, a portable table, a Hell Pizza voucher (from Hell Pizza Symond St) and a swag of V Energy drinks letting you draft the City of Guilds wherever and whenever you want!

Entry Fee $20


Saturday 3rd November

Vagabonds Takapuna present ‘Not The Main Event’ Standard Open - 1pm start

Three rounds in and things not going your way? Vagabonds Takapuna gives you a chance to salvage the day with the Standard deck that has been cutting a swathe through your FNM. There will be Booster packs prizes for top placers as well as first prize of $500 of electronics provided by our friends at Vagabonds Takapuna.   For more information on the Standard format check here.

Entry Fee $20


Duplicate Sealed - 3pm start

Ever played sealed deck but everyone had the same card pool?  Well here may be your only chance!  Join us for this one of a kind event were everyone has the same sealed card pool, there are limited entries for this event so get in quick.

Entry Fee $10


Commander Challenge - 5pm start

Multi-player mayhem! Do you and your Commander have what it takes to conquer all in this fun, friendly event, with prizes for all players.

Entry Fee $10


Legacy Open – Eternal Championship Part 2 - 5:30pm start

It’s time to unpack your Wastelands and Force of Wills and delve into the Legacy format.

Wins in this event will go toward your standings in the weekends Eternal Championship competition, each event in this series go towards your final placing.  For more information of the Legacy format check here.

Entry Fee $20


Sunday  4th November

Redzeed Takapuna present ‘Return to Ravnica’ Sealed Deck Open - 10am start

Miss out on Day two of the Grand Prix?  Then let Redzeed Takapuna help you plumb the depths of the City of Guilds and take up the forty card format for one of the biggest sealed deck events of this year.  Booster prizes for all players and a top eight draft will crown our sealed deck champion.  Redzeed Takapuna will also be offering 1st and 2nd tickets to their very First NZ Magic Cruise, a Luxury cruise around Auckland for a day of Magic fun and shenanigans.  As well we will be offering an additional two tickets as random draws to players registered for the sealed deck open!  For further details on the cruise check here.  

Entry Fee $40

Return to Ravnica Two Headed Giant - 2pm start

Grab you best bro and get ready to be the best Two Headed Giant team of the weekend.  This is a RTR sealed deck event and will test your sealed deck building skills as well as teamwork.  For more information on the Two Headed Giant format check here.

Entry $50 (per Team)


7-Point Highlander Open – Eternal Championship Part 3 - 5pm start

Recently imported from our Australian friends the 7-Point Highlander format has taken Kiwi Land by storm.  So join us for the final leg of the Eternal championship. For more information on the 7 Point Highlander rules please check here

Entry $20

Please note – event details are subject to change.

We will also have a number of events in the works that will be announced closer to the date.

A note on prizes. In general most events will have booster prizes based on player count however we are still finalising a few special prizes to add to the mix. Hang tight and keep your ears tuned – They are worth the wait!

For any further queries on Grand Prix Auckland Public Events please contact me at or +6421911211